Shackle is Anne La Berge on flute and electronics and Robert van Heumen on laptop-instrument. Their aim is to explicitly and subtly exploit shackling in both concept and material.

Curves in Cologne and Amsterdam

by Robert on December 9, 2016 in category Shackle

Shackle had a great time with Männer mit Motoren, working on the Curves project. After an intense week of programming, playing, swearing and nice dinners, we performed the work in Stadgarten (Cologne) on October 31 and in Splendor (Amsterdam) on November 16. Two very different concerts, both a great joy! We are currently documenting the project, for future versions, on the Curves page. More to come so stay tuned!

These are some photos from the concert in Splendor, Amsterdam on November 16, 2016:

Shackle Affair with Phil Macguire and the Splendor Academy

by Anne on August 26, 2016 in category Shackle

We took it upon ourselves to give a group of classical musicians who were attending the Splendor Academy the chance to have hands-on experience with electro acoustic music making.

With Phil Macguire as our guest, we gave a concert in De Ruimte in Amsterdam North with the participants of the Academy.

Phil and Anne spent the afternoon showing and experimenting and discussing with the participants including how to play and control sounds with the Kyma System using iPads.


Responses ranged from “What is this?” to “I want more of this!” and from “whoa” to “wow!“.



Curves Project

by Robert on June 23, 2016 in category Shackle

Shackle is collaborating with Männer mit Motoren on a new project called Curves. We will embark on a tour to Chili South America in the fall of 2017 in addition to playing concerts in Cologne and Amsterdam in late 2016. Exciting!

Curves is a continuation of previous collaborations between Shackle and Männer mit Motoren. For the past three years they have come together for short intensive working periods to develop their own collaborative methods for interactive image and sound improvisations. By combining both composition and improvisation while using acoustic and electronic sounds the two duos have formed a shared workplace. They plan to research and expand their past boundaries of real-time audio-visual performances during their upcoming work periods on the Curves project.

Shackle Affair with international guests

by Anne on May 23, 2016 in category Shackle, Shackle Affair

We will play compositions and guided improvisations with Cologne-based musicians Etienne Nillesen and Nicola Hein and Amsterdam-based Oguz Buyukberber.

Another chance for us to explore and discover ways to bring exciting and interactive new music to the public.

Zaal 100
De Wittenstraat

Update: that was fun! Thanks to all the players, including Oguz Buyukberber, who at the time of this picture hid in the corner 😉


Kunststation St. Peter in Cologne

by Anne on May 23, 2016 in category Shackle, Shackle Affair

Shackle will play our own compositions with organist Michael Bonaventure at the Kunststation St. Peter in Cologne for a half hour concert on 4 June 2016.

The program is:
Sanctuary for solo organ by Michael
Untitled For Anne by Robert
Dakota by Anne

It’s a trio of composer/performers exchanging ideas, sounds, structures for lunch!

Saturday 4 June 2016
Kunststations Sankt Peter Köln
Jabachstraße 1
13.00 – 13.30

Update: we had  great, albeit slightly weird time in the mesmerizing Sankt Peter in Cologne.


Space is the Place

by Anne on April 28, 2016 in category Shackle

Shackle has a few gigs in the coming months.
The first one is on 29 April 2016

in the Space is the Place series
at De Ruimte
Distelweg 83

We’ll be sharing the bill with ADRIAN MYHR/JAN MARTIN GISMERVIK
Adrian Myhr – Double bass
Martin Gismervik – Drums

Entrance: € 9 / CvA € 6

Next one is 4 June in Köln Germany!

Anne & Akim’s Rock-it Science featuring Shackle @ Splendor

by Robert on January 14, 2016 in category Shackle

Date: January 19 2016, 20:30

Location: Splendor Amsterdam
More information:…

Anne La Berge and new Splendor musician Akim Moiseenkov team up for an evening with friends from experimental pop, art-rock and improvisation. This A-list of today’s most creative boundary-pushers have played with everyone from Jett Rebel to Herman van Veen. Don’t miss this unique event!

Akim Moiseenkov – elektronica en DIY instrumenten
Dave Wismeijer – basgitaar
with guest
Marc Alberto – saxofoon en elektronica

Anne La Berge – fluit en elektronica
Robert van Heumen – laptop instrument

Shackle at SARC in Belfast

by Anne on December 18, 2015 in category Shackle

We spent a couple of days in early December in Belfast at The Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast giving a Converging Objects workshop and performing with a group of smart, well-versed and diverse group of students. The famous Sonic Lab there is equipped with a plethora of speakers that are situated in every nook and cranny in the hall. We used only some of them but still enjoyed the sounds and music we made performing with the Shackle Affair system.

Many thanks to Stef Kalonaris who hosted us and to the faculty and students who made the short visit so rewarding for all of us.



Shackle and Men with Motors

by Anne on September 4, 2015 in category Shackle

Shackle has had two sweaty and electrifying performances with the electro acoustic duo Maenner mit Motoren in the last few months. Both were at the Kunsthaus Rhenania in Köln, a buzzing building that houses visual and sonic artist workspaces.

The first was on May 12 at the end of a 2 day studio collaboration and the second was on 29 August as part of the Strom IV festival.

Sven Hahne has recently moved to Chili but his wizardly visual programming continues to partner with us!

Both performances were on incredibly hot days in Köln. The audiences sipped beer as we cavorted through musical playgrounds, sometimes spacious and sometimes raucous.


Shackle on the left and Men with Motors on the right. 13 May 2015

Shackle on the left and Men with Motors on the right. 13 May 2015


Shackle Affair with Bassoons and more

by Anne on March 28, 2015 in category Shackle

Two American duos will be stopped by Amsterdam and were our guests for a workshop at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and for an evening of composed and improvised music at Splendor Amsterdam.

It was a day of of sonic sophistication that ranged from sheer rawness to sublime beauty.

And lots of bassoon with and without electronics!

The duos were:
Of an implacable subtraction
with bassoonist/composer Dana Jessen and composer/performer Paula Mathussen
Architeuthis Walks on Land
with bassoonist/composer Katherine Young and violist/improviser Amy Cimini